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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes


I’m an eternal optimist. I’m 50 years old in September and, for me, life is just beginning. I had the shock of my life when someone told me that ‘middle-aged is 45’ – I had no idea I’d reached it yet!

My greatest achievement by far is raising three children to adulthood. I’ve been an accountant, petrol station attendant, beer technician (aka barmaid), It trainer, café help, milklady, dinner lady and currently I’m CEO of a national charity that deals with major hazards such as nuclear and defence. I’m a women’s health expert, have a PhD in identity construction and I’m a Chartered psychologist and scientist. I volunteer for a homeless and domestic violence charity and sit on their board. I write novels and self-help books and run a personal development programme called ‘Project: Me!’

For fun, I like charcoal drawing and walking my dog, as well as eating Chinese food and growing cacti. I’m partner to the lovely Eric, mum to Michelle, Victoria and Anthony, and grandma to Evan, Leah, Lincoln and Phoenix. Like Bachman Turner Overdrive said: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’


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