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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes


My name is Lucy Honour Ruby Spraggan and I was born on the 21st July 1991, making me approximately 19 years and 6 months old. Written like that it makes me feel awfully young, although, in the last year I’ve done far more than I ever expected, making me feel a lot older (or more ‘grown up’) then I really am. I was born in Canterbury, Kent, and spent the first part of my life there. I was brought up with my 2 brothers and my Sister by my Mum, who is the real writer in the family.

I don’t remember much of living in Kent, even though I lived there for around 10 years; which I just realised is more than half of my life. My real life started when we  moved to Buxton, Derbyshire; Tractor Town. Here I was given a guitar, quite a lot of freedom and the experiences which influenced me to write my first songs, which is what I do now – write and perform music. (As well as pulling pints here and there and writing the odd paragraph.)

I went to Buxton Community School, where I wasn’t the most desirable student, but learned a lot of lessons thankfully scraped some good GCSE results and went on to college, where I did a BTEC National in Public Services.

I’ve played at festivals since I was quite young, and in 2009 I played my first Pride; this was a signature event. Manchester Pride was where GayDays Orlando spotted my music, the immediately asked me to fly to Orlando to their summer 10′ festival, I quickly obliged.

So, I saved some money and made a plan, 3 months of playing music in America. Anywhere and everywhere. On my travels I managed to get through 23 States, meet some amazing people, fall in love with love of my life, walk in the Grand Canyon with her and see some views i will never forget; and I’ve never been the same since. My next move was applying for a 6 month visa, to get back to the States, to my American sweetheart, to play more shows and fulfil more dreams which, by the swift punch of a stamp, was declined. I’m not bitter, honest…

So, since then, give or take a few months gets us to right about… now.

Right now is a difficult one for me, I don’t really know whether I’m coming or going; if I need to settle down and earn some money, or run for the horizon and spend what I do have. I imagine, or hope, a lot of people feel/felt this way at my age.


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