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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

Take a hot air balloon flight

Learn to do nice handwriting

Print out my photos up to date and put them in albums

Try out a new recipe at least once a week

Start doing yoga on a regular basis

Take time out to go away somewhere and write

Go back to India

Find a job that doesn’t make me dread Mondays

Start using my bread-maker again

Learn how to share photos online and upload them

Bake more cakes

Go to the hairdresser regularly

Get a Hollywood smile


Learn to do chakrasana

Have a weekend in Paris

Watch Dirty Dancing – finally!

Visit Skellig Michael

Learn aikido/self-defence

Have a make-up lesson

Go to Wimbledon

Get out of debt

Finish book three by my birthday


Celebrate my birthday in style (if not in New York)

Go to Peru (or Tibet/China/somewhere else on the List)

Get in the best shape ever

Eat sushi

Learn to play poker

Spend more time with my friends

Buy a new bed

Take a dance class

Wear more accessories

Redecorate my bedroom

Drink ginger beer

Have laser hair removal

Read all the books in my TBR pile

Eat at Le Gavroche

Make a scrapbook about my books

Go back to New York

Cook 24-hour pork

Get the magnetic spice rack, noticeboard and kitchen rail I’ve had for years put up

Go go-karting

Have people over more often

Make a Moroccan feast for my sisters

Do a tequila shot

Go dancing in the George – it’s been too long

Learn to speak better Spanish and French

Read a book by Martha Beck

Get a Kindle

Have a posh afternoon tea


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