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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

Visit the Hermitage in St Petersburgh

Finish knitting the Icelandic dresses I promised I’d do for Eleanor and Laura

START knitting the Icelandic dresses I promised I’d do for Eleanor and Laura

Take Paul to Sharrow Bay

Learn to meditate

Be more active

Stop drinking so much whisky

Finish reading Proust Remembrance of Things Past

Listen to the Ring Cycle in one sitting

Take the girls to Marrakech

Cook a full authentic mishwi

Explore Cornwall

See more of my sister

Be a better vegetable gardener

Learn to swim

Master technology, or at least understand it a bit better

Travel in India

Sort out all of my photographs

Go to Ireland to further research the family tree

Clear the loft

Empty the freezer

Go to Sunderland to further research the family tree

Sort out my books

Become actively involved in helping the homeless

Visit the battle graves of the 2 world wars

Watch more live opera

Buy less

Eat at the Fat Duck

Watch all the DVDs I’ve bought and then ignored

Listen to the Messiah once a month ( that’s a cheat as I probably already do)

Use my IPOD

Finish the tapestry I started in 1999 commemorating the millenium

Make more time for friends

Lower my blood pressure

Learn a language properly

Take Paul to Amalfi

Visit Venice

Re read Les Miserables

Study more

Exercise more (actually it isn’t difficult to do more than none)

See as much of Eleanor, Laura and Julia as they will tolerate

Concentrate my thinking more

Laugh every day

Be more appreciative of/considerate to Paul (he’s very long suffering)

Maybe join the Hash

Be more patient

Explore Leptis Magna, in Libya, with Paul

Lose weight

Play golf again

Play golf better than I did in the past ( not difficult to attain)

Stop reading trashy magazines. Actually it’s really Paul that would want me to do that

Be a better Godmother

Use the car less

Use the sports car more

Bake bread instead of buying it

See gorillas in the wild

Visit Vietnam

Do tasks timeously instead of always at the last minute

Remember all of my many passwords without having to keep resetting them

Be as happy as I am at this minute even though I drew the short straw and had to think of 60 unattained ambitions!


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