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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

Get my travel foreign travel on – Anywhere out of the country, for at least a month.

Get my UK travel on – Get around this little country, see all the cool things that are here. On sunny days.

Buy my own car – I recently passed my driving test, and I want to be able to say ‘I bought that car.’ I don’t know why.

Work out which ONE friend I could travel with – It’s always good to have company that you don’t want to kill. And three’s a crowd.

Move away from Tractor Town – For good.

Stop drinking so much – It doesn’t suit me.

Look after my teenage skin – I only have 6 months of blemishes left, right?

Look after my hands – My nails are dull and I have countless scars from grazes and accidents from the past, they could look better.

Read more – I love books but I watch films all the time, I’m going to watch less, read more.

Go swimming – I love swimming, but I’m too self conscious for a swimming costume… On to number eleven…

Be confident! – I might be a ‘cuddly’ person, but I’m happy in my skin. I need to show it more.

Take my bike out of the garage – And get on it.

Find a new job – Where I say ‘wow’ every day. And possibly include travelling, long shot?

Carry a bag around with me – My pockets are always too full, and that’s annoyed me for years.

Take more photos – I miss the things I’ve seen. I’ll carry my camera in my new bag.

Take someone/go on a real date – I think it’s a dying tradition.

Eat more fruit and veg – I never cook good food any more.

Attract more attention to my music – Play gigs, post on forums, get contacts.

Meet new people – From all over the world, the country, anywhere.

Try my best to do 20 things on my list before 21st July 2011!


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