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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

When I was a teenager, I watched a lot of US sitcoms with my parents and I think it was then that I first became aware of KFC… or Kentucky Fried Chicken as it was back then. I distinctly remember the two of them raving about it – they’d eaten it either when they lived in Canada or when they travelled in the US. I remember thinking I’d love to try it, but for some reason I never did.

Actually, that’s not strictly true – I think I got a chicken burger in there once, but I don’t remember much about it, I was probably drunk, and anyway it wasn’t the burger I was interested in, it was a bucket.

A bucket of chicken. A bucket! Who could resist a bucket of food? (A bucket!) And yet for maybe 25 years I’d never ordered one. Until last Saturday night. I was staying over at my sister’s and we got the “Streetwise” bucket. Chicken, fries and gravy. Waiting for the order, I kept actually giggling to myself. Partly because I was ordering a bucket of food (a bucket!) and partly because I was doing something I’d been meaning to do for such a long time. The food was really secondary…

… which was lucky because it was nowhere near as nice as my parents had said it was. It was nice, but nothing special. But at least, on my death bed, I won’t find myself thinking “Aw crap. I never did have a KFC bucket…”


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