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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

So, these last few weeks have been very active with regards to the to do list, as well as the fact I have a fair few months left to complete all of them.

I hadn’t set out putting aside times when I could achieve each one; I figured they would just arrive, as did the situation of the completion of my number 16 – Take someone/Go on a date!

This all came about rather quickly, there have actually been two dates (with the same person) who I started talking to (I hate to admit it) on our favourite social networking site, facebook, a few weeks ago.

This lovely date, who is a student in my town, works at a local supermarket, in fact, this is where I saw her for the first time and where we had only exchanged a few words. For this reason I originally wanted to go on a first date to somewhere it’d be easy to start talking properly, like go to a bar or something (with the involvement of some dutch courage).

It turned out we ended up going to the cinema, a cliche I know, but as we live in Tractor Town it took an hour to get to the cinema; this could’ve been awkward and filled with long, silent, wordless moments replaced by turning the volume up on the radio, but instead was full of funny, interesting and engaging conversation. I was very much relieved.

I sometimes frown upon ‘dates’ to the cinema, as it’s hard to get to talk to whoever you go with, but this was brilliant, we criticised each other on which adverts attracted us to the new releases, quietly discussed which genre of film is the best and not only that (I don’t know if it sounds odd) but, she had the best laugh ever. I’m glad we watched a cheesy rom-com with the odd funny moment, because, quite frankly I’ve never really seen someone laugh so unselfconsciously, like no one else was there, and it was so captivating. And completely contagious.

On the way home the conversation was still flowing, there were a thousand questions, and just as many answers and as we got back into T Town, I thought about what such a lovely night I’d had.


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