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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

About four years ago, I started running training programs as part of my work in psychology. Even as a teenager, I always wanted to be a ‘motivational speaker’, and I’ve delighted in developing in this line of work. When I wrote this on my list, I had an idea of putting together a fabulous, original motivational training program that would help others. What eventuated was nothing like what I had expected.

In January of this year, my hometown of Brisbane – as well as all of Queensland, parts of New South Wales and Victoria – experienced unprecedented flooding. Lives were lost, houses were inundated and estimates say it’ll take over two years just for Brisbane to rebuild; not to mention the large-scale impact on the livelihoods of our country’s farming community throughout regional Australia.

One of the worst affected suburbs in Brisbane was Jindalee, which hugs the river south-west of the CBD. I was due to conduct some stress management training at a local school the week after the flooding, which was (understandably) cancelled; however, no sooner had it been cancelled than I was asked by the school to deliver trauma coping skills training instead, and stayed up late into the night writing the program so that I could support them.

Staff – some of whom had lost their home and all their possessions – wanted skills that they could use to monitor and support the kids in the school. Selfless, inspiring, courageous and loving are only some of the words I can use for this staff. To go through that trauma themselves, and have their focus on loving and supporting their students? It truly showed me the brilliance and the wonder and the greatness in humanity.

So, it didn’t look like I thought it would. But you know what? It’s far better.

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