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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

How I love Chris and Pui. I loved them when they presented CBeebies and I love them on their new show, Show Me Show Me.

Fortunately, Harry and Joe both love them too. Harry’s getting a bit old for them, but he is obviously still fond of them and so off we went to Stockport to see their roadshow. I’d wanted to take the boys last year, but missed them a couple of times, so I was determined to see them this year.

I hadn’t told the boys where we were going and we were waiting outside the Stockport Plaza for David (who’d gone to get cash) when Harry said, “Hey, look! Chris and Pui!” He’d spotted the poster outside and so we went over to have a look at it.

“They’re here on Saturday, 12th February,” he read.

“Really? What date is it today?”

He thought a bit. “I think it’s Saturday the 12th February! Check your phone!”

I checked and confirmed that it was indeed Saturday, 12th February.

“They’re here today!” Harry said.

“Do you think that might be why we’re here?” I asked him and the penny finally – finally! – dropped. Fortunately I managed to capture the exact moment on my phone:

And there's Daddy reflected in the door!

Of course as soon as the show started, I welled up. The children – all the children, not just my two – were so cute and excited. Joe sat on my knee and paid attention. He joined in with the songs, clapped and cheered. Harry looked transfixed (and about twice the size of all the other kids there). And the show was really fun.

I’m so glad we took them.

Thank you to Ted Doan at The Stockport Plaza for the tickets.


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