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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

I’ve been looking at my ‘to do’ list and I’m going to cover two items here. When I wrote my list I must have been feeling particularly pressured because I said I wanted to ‘grow my nails’ and ‘grow my hair’. On a normal day, my appearance is the least of my worries, but when I am under pressure, particularly when speaking in front of lots of people or going to an important meeting, I start to think ‘do I look OK?’

And my idea of OK, since I was very young, is feminine and soft. To me, this equates to long hair and long nails – in fact, to most high maintenance beauty aspirations.

SO… for most of my life I have been trying to grow my hair and nails, only to prioritize other things over this most of the time. Raising children, almost non-stop typing, washing by hand when I couldn’t afford a machine – none of these are renowned for their nail strengthening properties! The other day I was staring at my nails and thinking that I had failed; I was so busy rushing around that I just don’t have hours to spare styling long hair or looking after long nails.

Then I realised that it’s because I’m busy that I’m successful – I’d been measuring my success and failures against outdated ideas. It’s not how I look but what I do, and, with the high impact  speaking opportunities I have, say.

So the shorter, low maintenance hairstyle stays, and the short nails that allow me to type faster and change nappies (now for my grandchildren – it doesn’t stop, ladies) remain. Some people may be organised enough to have the hair, nails AND high impact on the world, but I don’t!

My next speaking engagement is in two weeks on International Womens Day and instead of worrying about how my hair looks or hiding my nails, I’m going to concentrate on what I say about getting rid of outdated ideals and how I can influence women who are not as fortunate as myself – and I’ve got my Big Zero list to thank for this confidence boost!


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