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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

I’ve suffered from PMS all my life and it has, in a lot of ways, shaped it. I’ve been upset and frustrated in turn (depending, obviously, on the time of month) at the lack of medical help available. I’ve tried every ‘cure’ and whilst some have helped, none have ‘cured’. I finally came to the conclusion that PMS could never be ‘cured’ with medication.

One of my rationales for becoming a psychologist was my feminist slant, and a big part of this was to help women who have suffered domestic violence and also PMS.

To this end, I have worked for various DV organisation, but the PMS positive action, until now, has eluded me. I’ve researched it, but a lot of it is medicalised, quantitative studies that in no way look at what it means for women; rather, it further objectifies the body to the exclusion of experience.

However, the editor who commissioned ‘Identity, Health and Women’ approached me to scope my future publications. She asked me what I would like to write about, and I told her about my PMS research and we are now looking at a book, based on my the model I introduced, aimed at looking at PMS and how it affects women’s lives. There is also the possibility of a follow-up about the menopause and another about reflexivity.

So, I can cross the following items off my list:

‘Try to understand PMS better and write more articles about it’

‘Conduct an experiment with various menopause cures and blog it’

I’m looking for participants for a small interview study about PMS, so if you would like to contribute, please email me at

I’m still reeling from what could possibly to be a five-year project, and grateful for the opportunity. Onwards and upwards…


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