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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

While I’ve done my fair share of travelling this world, I’ve not really done my due diligence in seeing my own fair home, Australia. A city I had always longed to visit was Melbourne, known to we northerners as a cosmopolitan shopping destination and a foodie’s paradise. My only experience of this fine city, was a brief sojourn at the age of 9, while journeying from Hobart to Brisbane; so I decided to take up a half-price fare sale and have a four-day holiday to see what I was missing!

In short, Melbourne was marvellous. We stayed at the very well situated (and well-priced) Victoria Hotel, which was very comfortable and perfect for accessing the city. We had a fantastic guide in our friend Tracey, and saw much of what Melbourne had to offer – The Museum, the Planetarium, the City Circle tram (free rides!), the beach-side town of St Kilda, Williamstown, the Eureka Sky Deck (great views!), the Museum’s IMAX theatre, St Patrick’s Cathedral and my personal favourite, The Queen Victoria Markets. We even drove past the Grand Prix – those racing cars are VERY loud! We ate our weight in gelato and ice cream, visited chocolate specialty stores and even found a 40% off Pandora sale! All in all, a fantastic trip.

[Photo courtesy of my very talented photographer husband, David James]


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