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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

Cooking up a storm in our Wok Off!Ā 

I really love cooking, to the extent that my cook book collection almost exceeds the number of shoes in my closet – and that, my friends, is a Very Large Number. It often seems a little bit strange to me that I love cooking this much, coming from a large family (8 kids) and having a (wonderful) mother, who really, really hates to cook. I can probably credit it to 2005, when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and began to have to make things from scratch to avoid getting ill; that, and the amazing set of knives some friends gave us for our wedding – good knives really DO make a difference!

I am a particular fan of Thai food, thanks to its aromatic herbs and spicy tones, so I’ve been thinking about attending a cooking lesson for a few years. A friend recommended Spirit House, who make very high quality, gourmet Thai food and have a daily kitchen school; and I was completely sold, when I saw that they offered a GLUTEN FREE class! Yahoo! I could cook everything and eat everything I cooked!

So, last Friday, with a friend in tow, we drove north to the very lush Yandina, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast; and found ourselves in the very capable hands of chef Annette Fear. We cooked some amazing dishes – steamed rice dumplings with pork and peanuts (omg! Dumplings!), sweet and salty beef with green papaya salad (unbelievably delicious), stir fried prawns with roasted chilli paste and Thai basil and Southern Style green curry with snapper and ginger. All served with a glass of South Australian Pinot and some very good company. It was oodles of fun, informative, entertaining and delicious – highly recommended!

Look at that food fly!


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