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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes


I’ve always had itchy feet, and Paris was my first real taste of foreign travel.  I’d been to England before, but Paris was my first time ‘proper abroad’.  I went for two weeks with my brother Fin, and I was about 19.  I absolutely loved it, and have been meaning to go back ever since – and this year, about thirty years later (gasp!) I finally did.

This time I went with my sister Trish and friend Geraldine.  We went for four days, and stayed in the Latin Quarter, near the Sorbonne and just off the Boulevard St-Michel, which always reminds me of that song ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely’ and seems quintessentialy Parisian to me.  It was a great location, with lots of restaurants nearby, and some of the sights within walking distance. 

Paris was as lovely as I remembered it, and we had a ball.  We went up the Eiffel Tower, walked down the Champs Elysees, ate our own bodyweight in croissants, wandered around Montmartre, visited Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Pere Lachaise cemetery, and looked at the impressionist paintings in Musee d’Orsay.

On our last night, we had dinner at the beautiful Belle Epoque brasserie Le Grand Colbert, as seen in the movie Something’s Gotta Give.  Sadly, Keanu Reeves was nowhere to be seen, but it was a gorgeous place with a lovely buzz and delicious food.

Me and Geraldine

Le Grand Colbert


Going back to Paris after such a long time got me thinking about that first trip, and I dug out my old photos from my first visit.  Yikes!  I must admit it makes me a bit sad to look at them.  I could be that girl’s mother!

(These photos are scanned, and this was before the days of digital cameras, so the quality isn’t great.  But you get the picture.  I was young!)

I had a great time in Paris and I definitely won’t leave it as long again before I return – though if I did, I’d probably look back at my photos of this trip and think how young I was.  It’s all relative, isn’t it?  (Nah, who am I kidding?  I really was young then.)


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