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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes


For years I’ve struggled to find a perfume I felt was “me”. A girl at school wore Obsession and though I liked the smell of it (remember the adverts? “Obsession. Ah, the smell of it!”), I thought it was too mature, too sexy, to womanly for a 16-year-old girl to be wearing.

Even though I’m *cough* 40 now, I still feel like lots of perfumes are too womanly or sexy for me. I love Youth Dew, but it is not youthful. Whenever I’ve done those ‘work out your perfume personality’ tests, I come out as fruity/sporty, but lots of fruity perfumes smell a bit sickly on me.

I loved the look of Benefit’s Crescent Row perfumes the first time I saw them, lined up in their little houses. The packaging is just gorgeous and right up my street (not the bottles themselves, but the boxes). I tried the one that sounded most like my kind of thing, but I didn’t like it at all. So then I tried Lookin’ to Rock Rita and So Hooked On Carmella and struggled to choose between them. Finally I plumped for Rita.

The description is

  • top notes: lemon, coconut, freesia
  • middle notes: juicy fig, hyacinth, violet
  • bottom notes: sandalwood, brazilian rosewood, vanilla

and while I love lemon, coconut, violent and vanilla, that was less important to me than the fact that it just smelled very “me”. I could not stop sniffing it when I first bought it and even now I love putting it on in the morning. (Last night, Harry had sprayed it on himself and I couldn’t stop sniffing him either!)

The fab thing about the Crescent Row perfumes is they’re all meant to complement each other, so if I ever do get tired of Rita, I can layer her with one of the others, but for the now we’re very happy together.


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