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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

One of my uncle’s sisters married an American and they lived on an Army base in Germany. Whenever they came over to visit, they’d bring some American delicacy with them and I remember this – pistachio ice cream with mini marshmallows – as something they brought*.

After I made this list I rang my aunty to ask her about it and she said it wasn’t pistachio ice cream at all – it was pistachio powder and cream. Oh. Obviously I tweeted about pistachio powder and my Canadian friend Mo replied saying they have pistachio “pudding” in Canada. I’ve often wondered what Americans/Canadians are referring to when they talk about “pudding” and Mo kindly offered to send me some to see for myself.

Turns out it’s sort of like Angel Delight. Mo sent a few flavours and the boys LOVED it. I was not so keen. And I still didn’t have any mini marshmallows. Then, yesterday, we were in a local market and I saw a pack of mini marshmallows for the bargain price of £1. So I made up the pudding (the instructions made me laugh: “allow to set for 3 minutes. If you want a firmer pudding, set for 5 minutes.”) and dished it up with the marshmallows for myself and the boys (David wanted no part of it). Despite the fact that the pudding smelled strongly of something from primary school – Play-doh? Gloy gum? I can’t work out what it is and it’s driving me nuts – the boys scarfed the lot. I mainly ate the marshmallows and felt a bit bilious.

I’m glad I tried it, but it very much wasn’t the same. Just shows that you can’t go home again (to desserts you’ve remembered wrongly…)

* Of course, if I’d really thought about it, I would have realised they’d hardly brought ice cream over from Germany, but whatever.


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