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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

In 2005, following many years of odd symptoms and ill health that noone could decipher, I was diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance. What followed my diagnosis was a significant change in my diet and a huge improvement in my health!

I’ve been meaning for many years to attend a gluten free food expo. I’m always trying out new products, and to be frank, some of them are absolutely DREADFUL, so I rather like the idea of “try before you buy”, particularly when GF food is often very expensive ($7 for a packet of crackers, for example!).

This year, the Irresistible Gluten Free Food Show was encompassed in the enormous Good Food & Wine Show, which meant that not only did I get to sample some great wares, but some lovely wines as well! I found beautiful oven-reheatable rolls, that are fresh, delicious and full of fibre (thanks Eskal!); some GF chips that I’ll put aside for Christmas that cost just $1.50/pack ( and are available at the local $2 stores (miraculous – GF chips are usually around $4+/pack)! I now have a GF version of Twisties (Mamee), some amaaaaaazing cake mix for a mud cake and bread mix that is the most delicious GF bread I’ve tasted, created after 9 years of testing to get it right (; and last, but not least, a lovely bottle of vintage port and a few bottles of bubbly for the silly season. All in all, an excellent day!


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