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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

When I was a little girl, as many little girls do, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina. The elegance and timelessness and, let’s face it – the really cool tutus – completely captured my imagination. Sadly, that dream was never realised, although I must boast that I can totally rock the 80s-bop-side-to-side dance move, thanks to plenty of Blue Light Discos in my tweens.

In October, I attended my first ballet – not a classical ballet, per se, but an amazing, lively and, at times, delightfully funny interpretation of the tale of King Arthur! Highlights of the night included seeing my beautiful friend Lisa dance the role of high priestess of Avalon (everyone needs a ballerina friend!), gorgeous Guinevere, a jousting scene, Merlin’s quirky narration (poignant, and yet some very amusing moments) and sharing the evening with dear friends. Not my last ballet, that’s certain!


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