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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

I’ve always enjoyed sewing, but I must admit that I get into a panic when sewing with patterns. I tend to like to figure out how something is put together and make it up from there, but now that I’m getting older, I thought it time to overcome my phobia of following craft directions.

Enter Cath Kidston. I often joke that I am dreaming of a Cath Kidston world, so I was delighted to receive all four of her craft books, Sew!, Make!, Patch! and Stitch! as presents for my birthday and Christmas last year. After devouring and delighting in all the different projects I could choose from, I settled on a craft bag from Sew!, to stow my current knitting/crochet projects in as I go (I’m going through a wool phase, you see!).

The pattern I chose was not a traditional packet pattern, but was based on a template for hexagonal pieces (very “old school”!), to be sewn into a patchwork cloth. I had a great deal of fun choosing pretty prints at the local craft store, as well as digging up pieces from my fabric stash, inspired by the lovely vintage-styled prints Cath Kidston uses in the original craft project.

I had a bit of trouble with the handle, so I ended up adjusting the pattern slightly to accommodate a wider wooden handle, and I liked the shape of the hexagons over the lining, rather than under, so I trimmed with pretty blue embroidery cotton and some rosettes, to add icing to the cake! Every part of the project was hand-sewn – something I feel particularly proud of! A labour of love, indeed!


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