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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

Okay, I’m not saying I’ve now got a Hollywood smile – not by a long shot and a few thousand euro.  (That’s not my mouth in the picture.)  But I did recently have laser teeth whitening, so I’m at least a little bit closer.

Actually, I already had a Hollywood smile of sorts.  Thanks to my love of red wine, I could have sprung into action as a blood-sucking vampire at a moment’s notice, should the need have arisen.  Sadly, though, I was never called on to join the cast of The Vampire Diaries.  So I figured I might as well give up and get my fangs whitened.

I was a bit anxious about the process, but it wasn’t traumatic at all. It took about forty-five minutes, and the worst part of it was having a guard in my mouth throughout.  But it was uncomfortable rather than scary or painful, and there was no sensation of gagging which is what I feared.  I’d have no problem getting it done again when I’ve once more ruined my teeth, as I no doubt will, with black tea and coffee, Indian food and the aforementioned red wine.  The hardest part was staying off those things for three days afterwards.  My teeth were also very sensitive afterwards, but that had passed by the next day.

So, not quite a Hollywood smile – but maybe off-off-Hollywood.


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