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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

It was Robbie Burns who once said “the best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry”, and such it is with dreams and goals sometimes. I’ve been a bit remiss about updating my goals since I turned 30. I completed 17 of 30 before my 30th birthday, which I thought wasn’t too bad! But I resolved that I would continue working on my goals, even though I didn’t hit the deadline, simply because they were important to me.

I’ve since turned 31, and I’m still working on my list. Life isn’t always as straightforward as we set out for it to be, but I think that this adds to its excitement! And just because we don’t meet a deadline, doesn’t mean that the goal is no longer worthy of our time and effort. Too often, I have abandoned something important to me, simply because it didn’t fit in with the timeline I had in mind. So – in the spirit of creating an amazing 2013… and an incredible run-up to turning 32 – I thought I’d give a little update – as much for myself as anyone still out there!

Disney12In March 2012, I achieved a goal I set out to complete in 2009 – to take my two youngest sisters to Disneyland. Growing up, my parents often promised to take us to Disneyland, and it was ever to my disappointment that (for various reasons) this didn’t eventuate. When I promised my sisters the trip, I was determined to see it happen. I am incredibly grateful to my parents for supporting me in my vision, which allowed the girls to take their first step into The Big Wide World at 14 and 17 years of age! The trip was wonderful (apart from some pretty hideous doses of flu) and we devoured Disneyland, riding rollercoasters and teacups alike; we delighted in Walmart (bargains galore) and all the interesting new shops to explore; and trekked across the desert for many (maaaaaany!) hours, so as to cast our eyes upon the gloriousness of The Grand Canyon (and it was grand!). All in all, it was a wonderful trip, and one I’ll always remember!


I’ve always had a penchant for crafting, but not a great deal of dedication. Growing up, I think I decided I wasn’t sufficiently talented, but as I’ve grown, I’ve realised that practice really actually is important in mastering a skill. After years of grappling with crochet and not really being able to put together in my mind how it all worked, I stumbled onto a visual diagram, and the lightbulb turned on! Since then, I’ve been crocheting with abandon in my spare moments, and I’m currently working through the utterly fabulous Star Wars Amigurumi creations of Lucy Ravenscar. This photo is a Graduation Owl that I made for my little sister’s departure from high school! I was a bit proud of him, as he was the best crochet piece I had made at the time!

In 2011, I did a good job of dropping a dress size by June of that year, but I must admit that I’ve fallen out of the habit since falling down some stairs in early 2012. I’m recommitting not to the goal of dropping a dress size, but to taking better care of myself in 2013. I’m working on managing some tricksy food intolerances, getting my ankle working properly again and finding ways of moving (perhaps dancing?) that I enjoy and that work for me. Older AND wiser? Why not!

I achieved the goal of watching The Passion of the Christ back in Easter 2011, and found it to be an incredibly moving experience. I believe that faith is a truly personal walk, and as part of my own walk, this film gave me a greater appreciation of that person whose yoke I bear.

I haven’t yet written a song “properly as music”, but I have it ready and drafted. I’ve declared that 2013 will be a year of musical exploration for me, and I started it off by purchasing a cheap little practice ukelele, just to get my brain back into a musical place. I’m really looking forward to discovering new (and old!) avenues of creativity.

I had intended to go to a beef appreciation cooking course, but the company that offered it had discontinued this service. Instead, I took to a Thai kitchen to learn more about cooking seafood (yum!) and traditional curries, and enjoyed the delicious fruits of hard work thereafter! My passion for food certainly hasn’t waned, and I am committed to continuing to build my culinary skills for the rest of my life. An entirely delectable pursuit, no?

As you can see, I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m looking forward to working on this bucket list (and more!) in 2013. Some of the things on my original list aren’t as high a priority for me just now, but I think that’s part of the ebb and flow of life. They are there, and I can always come back to them. Until then, as a wise toy once said: to infinity… and beyond!

What goals and dreams are you going to create this year?


P.S. I’ve taken up writing a monthly column for Bea Magazine, which focuses on creating the life that you want for yourself. I’d love for you to drop by!


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