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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes


My name is Lucy Honour Ruby Spraggan and I was born on the 21st July 1991, making me approximately 19 years and 6 months old. Written like that it makes me feel awfully young, although, in the last year I’ve done far more than I ever expected, making me feel a lot older (or more ‘grown up’) then I really am. I was born in Canterbury, Kent, and spent the first part of my life there. I was brought up with my 2 brothers and my Sister by my Mum, who is the real writer in the family.

I don’t remember much of living in Kent, even though I lived there for around 10 years; which I just realised is more than half of my life. My real life started when we  moved to Buxton, Derbyshire; Tractor Town. Here I was given a guitar, quite a lot of freedom and the experiences which influenced me to write my first songs, which is what I do now – write and perform music. (As well as pulling pints here and there and writing the odd paragraph.)

I went to Buxton Community School, where I wasn’t the most desirable student, but learned a lot of lessons thankfully scraped some good GCSE results and went on to college, where I did a BTEC National in Public Services.

I’ve played at festivals since I was quite young, and in 2009 I played my first Pride; this was a signature event. Manchester Pride was where GayDays Orlando spotted my music, the immediately asked me to fly to Orlando to their summer 10′ festival, I quickly obliged.

So, I saved some money and made a plan, 3 months of playing music in America. Anywhere and everywhere. On my travels I managed to get through 23 States, meet some amazing people, fall in love with love of my life, walk in the Grand Canyon with her and see some views i will never forget; and I’ve never been the same since. My next move was applying for a 6 month visa, to get back to the States, to my American sweetheart, to play more shows and fulfil more dreams which, by the swift punch of a stamp, was declined. I’m not bitter, honest…

So, since then, give or take a few months gets us to right about… now.

Right now is a difficult one for me, I don’t really know whether I’m coming or going; if I need to settle down and earn some money, or run for the horizon and spend what I do have. I imagine, or hope, a lot of people feel/felt this way at my age.



I remember when I was a child, thinking that 30 was very, very, VERY old. I believed by that age, you’d have it “all figured out”, have had lots of adventures, a few kids, a house, a dog… Well, one out of five isn’t bad, right?

My 20s have been quite the adventure. At 20, I was halfway through my Bachelors in Psychology. By 22, I’d gained a degree and a badly broken heart. At 23, I met the love of my life on a Lord of the Rings fan forum. At 24, I moved to the other side of the world (Scotland) to meet his family and see something of this glorious earth! After 11 months of unemployment and a bout of S.A.D. (Oh, sunshine! Wherefore art thou?), I discovered the world of blogging, and was paid to write about shoes, handbags and fashion! (I know! The luck!)

At 25, we returned to Australia to begin our married life and honeymooned in New Zealand (“home” of the Lord of the Rings films). By 26, I’d extended my work in psychology to training, which I absolutely adore. At 27, I realised a 22-year dream of visiting Disneyland. 28 brought me the realisation that I could truly do anything I set my mind to, and I stepped into Private Practice – which has been a brilliant whirlwind of fun! That year also brought me a further visit to Disneyland, followed by Walt Disney World and Harry Potter World at 29!

I have been blessed with plenty of mountain highs and some valley lows these 9 years and 2 months. But the best thing my 20s have taught me is that we create our own experience in this life. As the great Jim Rohn once said: “If you don’t like where you are, MOVE! You are NOT a tree!”. There are many things I’ve always wanted to do, or have always said I’d get to. I’ve decided this is the year. So, in my un-tree-like state, I’m taking my 20s out with a bang and starting my 30s on a high note!


I can’t believe I’m going to be 40 this year. It just seems… unacceptable. I still feel about 15, which is actually quite handy since I write YA fiction for a living.

I live in Lancashire and will also be celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary this year. We’ve got two incredibly gorgeous and sweet children and a titchy house that we all love, even though it’s always a mess and there’s nowhere near enough room for us all (and the less said about the garden the better…).

Apart from writing, I love reading (natch), watching TV (faves include The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Spaced and anything with David Mitchell or Russell Brand), am obsessed with New York and addicted to the internet, particularly Twitter (I’m @Keris).

I think 2011’s going to be a fabulous year…


I’ve been a late developer all my life, and I definitely don’t feel ready to be 50 – not when I still haven’t decided what I want to do when I leave school. Stop the world, I want to catch up!

I live in an apartment in Dublin’s city centre. It’s a fourth-floor walk-up, which sounds quite romantic and New Yorky, but in reality just means I get a lot of arm exercise with the shopping and have to give delivery men big tips. I’ve had more jobs than I can remember (literally – once found a ‘sorry you’re leaving’ card in a clear-out and didn’t recognise a single name on it), but my dream is to make a living as a writer. I’m still working on that one. I write romantic comedy novels and have had two books published so far.

In my head I’m still 26/27 (my favourite age) – maybe 30 at a stretch. I’m single and have no children, which perhaps has helped keep me in ‘middle youth’. But I’ve done some stuff in the past forty-nine years. I’ve danced with Berbers in the Atlas Mountains, I’ve swum in the balmy waters of Halong Bay, watched the sun rise over the Namib Desert, learnt to body surf on the beach in Goa, drunk cold white wine on top of Table Mountain on a perfect spring day … I’ve had a lot of fun getting here, and I plan to have a whole lot more.

I love travelling, eating out, watching movies and TV, and just hanging out with family and friends.

And if I’m freaking out about my age, I take comfort from the fact that no matter what age I am, I’ll always be younger than Madonna.


I’m an eternal optimist. I’m 50 years old in September and, for me, life is just beginning. I had the shock of my life when someone told me that ‘middle-aged is 45’ – I had no idea I’d reached it yet!

My greatest achievement by far is raising three children to adulthood. I’ve been an accountant, petrol station attendant, beer technician (aka barmaid), It trainer, café help, milklady, dinner lady and currently I’m CEO of a national charity that deals with major hazards such as nuclear and defence. I’m a women’s health expert, have a PhD in identity construction and I’m a Chartered psychologist and scientist. I volunteer for a homeless and domestic violence charity and sit on their board. I write novels and self-help books and run a personal development programme called ‘Project: Me!’

For fun, I like charcoal drawing and walking my dog, as well as eating Chinese food and growing cacti. I’m partner to the lovely Eric, mum to Michelle, Victoria and Anthony, and grandma to Evan, Leah, Lincoln and Phoenix. Like Bachman Turner Overdrive said: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’


When asked to be the representative for the sixties age group I was confused… Am I not just thirty!! Or is that just how old I feel and consider myself to be?

Although born in Sunderland, I now live in rural Aberdeenshire with my husband Paul having arrived here via spells living in Rome, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Jakarta, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Paul and I have three daughters who are the pride/bane of our lives, one lives in Aberdeen another in Glasgow and the third in Edinburgh ensuring that we always have available accommodation should we need to visit the cities. Despite the travelling and settling in Aberdeenshire, the families heart still belongs in part to Sunderland as we all (with the exception of my youngest daughter who hates football) are avid Sunderland F.C. supporters.

Since school I have had a varied employment career, starting working life with NUS Travel in their Sales department until I left work to have a family (no such things as working mums in those days). At the age of 40 I returned to education and graduated from Aberdeen University with an LLB and DLP in Scots law. A spell in Australia prevented me from practicing law and on our return to Scotland I worked for BT before completing a life goal of running my own restaurant with two friends. Although no longer in the restaurant business, I continue to work in the food industry by doing home catering.

My interests include Opera, eating fine foods, wine (actually whisky!!!), travelling and entertaining. The most important thing for me in life is family and friends and I keep in touch with friends from all stages of my life, from primary school onwards, in a variety of forms from the regular dinner party to Facebook.

Although not sixty at the time of writing, this year is my sixtieth and a party is planned, so who said that the event of the year would be the Royal Wedding!!!!


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