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The Big Zeroes

watch us go from zeroes to heroes

Lucy’s 20

Get my travel foreign travel on – Anywhere out of the country, for at least a month.

Get my UK travel on – Get around this little country, see all the cool things that are here. On sunny days.

Buy my own car – I recently passed my driving test, and I want to be able to say ‘I bought that car.’ I don’t know why.

Work out which ONE friend I could travel with – It’s always good to have company that you don’t want to kill. And three’s a crowd.

Move away from Tractor Town – For good.

Stop drinking so much – It doesn’t suit me.

Look after my teenage skin – I only have 6 months of blemishes left, right?

Look after my hands – My nails are dull and I have countless scars from grazes and accidents from the past, they could look better.

Read more – I love books but I watch films all the time, I’m going to watch less, read more.

Go swimming – I love swimming, but I’m too self conscious for a swimming costume… On to number eleven…

Be confident! – I might be a ‘cuddly’ person, but I’m happy in my skin. I need to show it more.

Take my bike out of the garage – And get on it.

Find a new job – Where I say ‘wow’ every day. And possibly include travelling, long shot?

Carry a bag around with me – My pockets are always too full, and that’s annoyed me for years.

Take more photos – I miss the things I’ve seen. I’ll carry my camera in my new bag.

Take someone/go on a real date – I think it’s a dying tradition.

Eat more fruit and veg – I never cook good food any more.

Attract more attention to my music – Play gigs, post on forums, get contacts.

Meet new people – From all over the world, the country, anywhere.

Try my best to do 20 things on my list before 21st July 2011!

Erin’s 30

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) Accreditation

Weekend away in Maleny, QLD

Take my little sisters to Disneyland

Finish the first draft of a (ANY!) novel

Read the Bible from cover to cover

Attend a beef appreciation cooking course

Learn to knit from a pattern

Create and deliver my own training program

Drop a dress size by June

Write a song (properly, as sheet music)

Be on a radio show

Take ballroom dancing lessons

Watch Passion of the Christ at Easter time

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Ride a horse

Visit a planetarium

Sing in a band

Read every novel written by Agatha Christie

Make a quilt

Learn to sew a dress from a pattern

Attend a gluten free food expo

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Attend a Thai food cooking lesson

Hike to the top of a mountain

Spend at least one night per week without phone, internet or TV

Get my boat licence

Sing in a choir

Attend a fabulous charity ball

Spend a weekend in Melbourne

Attend the ballet

Keris’s 40

Buy jewellery to commemorate the boys and the books

Subscribe to Coast magazine

Cook at least one meal each week

Take the boys to Parkgate for shrimps and ice cream (not together!)

Watch a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film (Top Hat?)

Milk a cow

Spend my birthday in New York*

Visit Disneyland at Christmas

Get my Best Ever Body

Find a “signature” perfume

Take the boys camping

Read everything in my TBR pile

Catch up on all my online saved items

Meet at least one friend for lunch/dinner each month

Make a really good cheesecake

Eat pistachio ice cream with mini marshmallows

Try bacon or cheese chocolate and oysters

Spend the weekend in a VW camper van

Go to Jodrell Bank

Organise my photos once and for all (on Flickr, scan in photos and slides)

Create a family gallery up the stairs

Learn to crochet

Write letters to people I admire and who inspire me

Make a family tree (with names at least)

Have a singing lesson

Buy and watch the complete Buffy (finally!)

Go to Hilbre Island

Take the boys to see Chris & Pui

See Avenue Q again

Celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries. Properly.

Buy fresh flowers at least once a month

Read Mary Oliver’s poetry

Perform a Random Act of Kindness once a week

Write a picture book for Harry and Joe

Learn about classical music

Have a Brazilian wax

Have a go on a potters wheel

Have a family portrait taken

Order a KFC bucket (just the once!)

Read The Collected Peanuts (and watch the cartoons too)

* and if I do, try the frozen custard at Shake Shack, and Nora Ephron’s cabbage strudel; see Promises, Promises and Love, Loss and What I Wore on Broadway; and obviously visit the settings from my book (squeak!)

Clodagh’s 50

Take a hot air balloon flight

Learn to do nice handwriting

Print out my photos up to date and put them in albums

Try out a new recipe at least once a week

Start doing yoga on a regular basis

Take time out to go away somewhere and write

Go back to India

Find a job that doesn’t make me dread Mondays

Start using my bread-maker again

Learn how to share photos online and upload them

Bake more cakes

Go to the hairdresser regularly

Get a Hollywood smile

Learn to do chakrasana

Have a weekend in Paris

Watch Dirty Dancing – finally!

Visit Skellig Michael

Learn aikido/self-defence

Have a make-up lesson

Go to Wimbledon

Get out of debt

Finish book three by my birthday


Celebrate my birthday in style (if not in New York)

Go to Peru (or Tibet/China/somewhere else on the List)

Get in the best shape ever

Eat sushi

Learn to play poker

Spend more time with my friends

Buy a new bed

Take a dance class

Wear more accessories

Redecorate my bedroom

Drink ginger beer

Have laser hair removal

Read all the books in my TBR pile

Eat at Le Gavroche

Make a scrapbook about my books

Go back to New York

Cook 24-hour pork

Get the magnetic spice rack, noticeboard and kitchen rail I’ve had for years put up

Go go-karting

Have people over more often

Make a Moroccan feast for my sisters

Do a tequila shot

Go dancing in the George – it’s been too long

Learn to speak better Spanish and French

Read a book by Martha Beck

Get a Kindle

Have a posh afternoon tea

Jacqui’s 50

Learn to speak Spanish

Knit a pair of socks

Finish writing the ‘Project: Me!’ book

Start swimming at least once a week

Buy a bicycle and ride it

Grow my hair

Grow my nails

Go back to Castlerigg, Keswick to renew my promises to Eric

Meditate daily

Learn basic French

See my brothers more often

Go back to Tintagel and surf at Widemouth Bay

Buy the Vivienne Westwood coat I have loved for ages

Have my eyes lasered (before I get too old)

Go to see the Aberdeen stone circles and photograph them

Paint more, using acrylics, watercolours and draw with charcoal

Write at least two short stories a month

Forgive some people who I may have subconsciously held a grudge against – life’s too short, it turns out

Do the best job I can do every day at work

Make a real effort to write for the feminist blog

Register for an Open University Course on Quantum Physics

Find at least one thing every day to be grateful for, even when I’m really hacked off

See my friends more

Read all the books on my wish list

Write more fiction – at least one more novel that’s rumbling already

Catalogue all my belongings and realise how much I really have

Try to understand PMS better and write more articles about it

Conduct an experiment with various menopause cures and blog it

Remember that not everyone is a postmodernist

Buy a telescope and take amazing pictures of the universe

Don’t stop believing

Listen to music more and, consequently, dance more

Go to Stornaway and see the ancient sites there

Study Lojong

Go to the Tate Modern and see all the pictures in context in the light of new understandings of abstraction

Go to Northampton to the House Rennie Macintosh built

Make a plan for the next ten years, like I did when I was 40

Have a Brazilian wax (ouch!)

Keep in touch with my oldest friends – even though our paths have separated we still have something in common

Ask my Mum more about our family tree and make a proper start on it

Don’t buy bread, make my own

Make a soufflé

Make more of an effort to love myself

Not to be afraid of getting older, time is just a concept!

Lean much more about the universe and waveforms and think more deeply about the question of decoherence

Be less serious and more playful sometimes

Learn website content management

Plant out the tiny oak tree saplings I have grown from acorns as a tribute to my grandparents

Write a Radio 4 play

Finally and most difficult, try to remember that 50 is middle aged and that I am now ‘older’!

Bridget’s 60

Visit the Hermitage in St Petersburgh

Finish knitting the Icelandic dresses I promised I’d do for Eleanor and Laura

START knitting the Icelandic dresses I promised I’d do for Eleanor and Laura

Take Paul to Sharrow Bay

Learn to meditate

Be more active

Stop drinking so much whisky

Finish reading Proust Remembrance of Things Past

Listen to the Ring Cycle in one sitting

Take the girls to Marrakech

Cook a full authentic mishwi

Explore Cornwall

See more of my sister

Be a better vegetable gardener

Learn to swim

Master technology, or at least understand it a bit better

Travel in India

Sort out all of my photographs

Go to Ireland to further research the family tree

Clear the loft

Empty the freezer

Go to Sunderland to further research the family tree

Sort out my books

Become actively involved in helping the homeless

Visit the battle graves of the 2 world wars

Watch more live opera

Buy less

Eat at the Fat Duck

Watch all the DVDs I’ve bought and then ignored

Listen to the Messiah once a month ( that’s a cheat as I probably already do)

Use my IPOD

Finish the tapestry I started in 1999 commemorating the millenium

Make more time for friends

Lower my blood pressure

Learn a language properly

Take Paul to Amalfi

Visit Venice

Re read Les Miserables

Study more

Exercise more (actually it isn’t difficult to do more than none)

See as much of Eleanor, Laura and Julia as they will tolerate

Concentrate my thinking more

Laugh every day

Be more appreciative of/considerate to Paul (he’s very long suffering)

Maybe join the Hash

Be more patient

Explore Leptis Magna, in Libya, with Paul

Lose weight

Play golf again

Play golf better than I did in the past ( not difficult to attain)

Stop reading trashy magazines. Actually it’s really Paul that would want me to do that

Be a better Godmother

Use the car less

Use the sports car more

Bake bread instead of buying it

See gorillas in the wild

Visit Vietnam

Do tasks timeously instead of always at the last minute

Remember all of my many passwords without having to keep resetting them

Be as happy as I am at this minute even though I drew the short straw and had to think of 60 unattained ambitions!


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